The Sun bestows vitality, while dreamy Neptune brings inspiration . . . or indolence. This combination can encourage creative potential or unrealistic schemes.

Conjunction: You’re a dreamer, a poet, and an inspired idealist. Intuitive, sensitive, and sometimes even psychic, you have a finely developed imagi- nation and great creative talent for both mystical and artistic endeavours, which leaves little room for practical matters. You  also have a tendency to lie to yourself (or to others) and to live in a world of fantasy, seeing only  what you want to see. Drug and alcohol abuse may be a problem.

Harmonious aspects: You have a strongly developed sense of intuition and the ability to use your imagination in constructive ways.

Hard aspects: You have an active imagination combined with a discouraging tendency to daydream and to delude yourself. As with all Neptune aspects, deception can be a problem, either because you choose to deceive others or because you’re so gullible that anyone can pull the wool over your eyes.

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