Combine the Sun, which represents your potential, with Jupiter, the bringer of opportunities, and you have an enviable aspect. The challenge is to make use of the connection between the two planets — not to waste it.

Conjunction: You’re blessed with good fortune, a sense of humour, high intelligence, a strong spirit, and an optimistic attitude. You can also be careless and overconfident, relying on the indisputable fact that luck is with you.

Harmonious aspects: This aspect brings health, success, a pleasing and positive approach to life, and a generous nature. Possible downside: You may have a tendency to kick back and be lazy.

Hard aspects: You’re inclined to exaggerate, to become self-important, to misjudge, and to lack a sense of moderation. Extravagance may plague you. Even so, this aspect, because it features Jupiter, can bring opportunities and is often beneficial.

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