How these two planets interact influences your artistic talents, your sociability, and your ability to attract what you love — particularly with regard to relationships, money, and possessions.

Conjunction: You’re appealing, affectionate, and creative. You have a deep need to be in relationships, an innate capacity for intimacy, and a love of pleasure. This aspect also brings artistic talent. Because Venus  can never be farther than 48° from the Sun, this is the only major aspect that these two bodies can form.

Harmonious aspects: Venus and the Sun are never far enough apart to form a sextile or a trine. But if they’re 30° apart, they’re semi-sextile, a friendly minor aspect that supports artistic talents and the ability to express affection.

Hard aspects: The Sun and Venus are never in opposition and are never square. When they’re close to their maximum distance, they’re semi- square, a 45° minor aspect that can stir up sexual issues and can cause you to act out. Want examples? Think of Hugh Hefner, Bill Clinton,  Woody Allen, and the Marquis de Sade.

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