You are prudent, discreet, and possess strong aesthetic sense. You manage to be objective in a charming, diplomatic way

Rational in thought and elegant in expression, you seek a balanced viewpoint and intuitively understand that the best solution is generally the simplest. Your need for communication is great, especially when dealing with friends and loved ones. Probably you show procrastination, indecision and a kind of indifference when it comes to important issues. In the privacy of your own mind, you bounce up and down on the seesaw of uncertainty, and because you try to consider all sides of a question, it takes you awhile to reach a decision. You prefer not taking part in any debate because you like peace and quiet. But if you debate, you are interested in the opinions of those you respect.You experience difficulties when you study and you try to concentrate. A person with Mercury in Libra is not known for being a quick thinker.

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