Mercury in Aries gives you determination, quick thinking, perception, observation and the capacity to evaluate and solve any problem, almost immediately.

Never slow to jump to conclusions, you have a lightning-fast mind and a direct, forceful way of expressing yourself. You have an inventive mind, capable of new ideas and original designs. You detest stupidity. When you havesomething to say, you take the direct approach. Though you can be impatient, competitive, and irritable (and often find it difficult to concentrate), you’re never boring. You express yourself assertively, and people generally know what you think. You can make plans, but thinking about the details makes you bored. One of the major drawbacks of this position, is that you are a very impulsive person and hence you are likely to act without thinking. You are also likely to overestimate or exaggerate in adding an unconscious coloring to statements. You must stay away from hasty speech and rash projects and always think carefully before you act. You’re willing to lay down the law if you must.


Studies and constructional activities concerning architecture, motoring, bridge and road construction, surveying, aviation and communications favorable occupations to pursue.

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