Wanton Gemini, the last living proponent of casual sex, flirts outrageously, connects easily, and moves on at warp speed when things fall apart. Because you love variety and relish intellectual challenges, you seek out witty, up-to- date people who share your delight in easy banter and constant stimulation. You’re lively, enchanting, and flighty — yet another victim of the grass-is- always-greener myth.  

If a Gemini is on your mind, be upbeat, up-to-date, unpredictable, and available. Gemini is quick-witted, curious, well-informed, and game for anything. To capture Gemini’s attention, exhibit those same qualities. Don’t be morose. Don’t bemoan the sad state of affairs in the world today. Don’t complain. Don’t demand that your dates be scheduled weeks in advance. Above all, remember that Gemini values lively conversation. Wonder why Geminis have a reputation for infidelity? It’s because they’re so easily bored.

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Gemini & Gemini: Despite the overall level of nervous energy that you generate together, you amuse and engage one another. And you  never have to deal with those bleak silences that descend on the relationships of others. This is a definite talk-fest.

Gemini & Cancer: Easily distracted Twins are emotional lightweights, capable of denying their feelings for years on end; moody Crabs, Olympic gold-medal champions of the weeping event, want to connect emotionally, preferably at home. Look for strong planetary ties because this is ordinarily not a match made in heaven. 

Gemini & Leo: These two playful revelers truly enjoy each other. But they may unconsciously compete for center stage, which Leo requires  and Gemini, an incessant talker, hates to relinquish. Also, Leo is loyal to a fault, while Gemini . . . well, consider this example: John F. Kennedy (Gemini) and Jacqueline Kennedy (Leo).

Gemini & Virgo: Smart and tart, you click immediately and you can’t stop talking. But Gemini believes in free association and the benefits of serendipity, while Virgo is the mindset behind Mapquest. Ultimately, you get on each other’s nerves.

Gemini & Libra: This wonderful combination promotes affectionate flirting and conversation that never stops. Even though it isn’t the most passionate liaison, by and large you can’t go wrong. 

Gemini & Scorpio: Scorpio considers sex the central mystery of life. Gemini, a lustier sign than is often acknowledged, enjoys it without getting all emotional about it. Soon jealous Scorpio is feeling wounded, while flighty Gemini, now immersed in the crossword puzzle, can’t help wondering what the problem is. Example: Nicole Kidman (Gemini) and Keith Urban (Scorpio).

Gemini & Sagittarius: Despite an occasional bout of head-butting, this freedom-loving, loquacious pair is on the same wavelength. Advice: Fill your schedules with varied activities and plenty of travel; pile reading material and notebooks on the bedside tables; and don’t get hung up on togetherness, because that’s not where this independent couple lives. 

Gemini & Capricorn: Somber Capricorns take themselves seriously; easygoing Geminis, though self-absorbed, take things lightly and are always trotting off in new directions. Not an easy combo.  

Gemini & Aquarius: You may be soul mates. You’re both sociable and fun-loving, and you both have hyperactive minds (though Aquarius wants to discuss social issues, while Gemini has ideas about less highfalutin’ topics). Neither of you is in touch emotionally, so when times are tough, the glue that holds you together may weaken.

Gemini & Pisces: Laid-back Pisces wants to sleep in; Gemini likes to get an early start. Mystical Pisces wants to analyze your dreams; Gemini prefers to explore the Internet. You come from different planets. Clashes are inevitable, but you’re both able to bend. 

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