2022 seems to be a better period than the previous few years and looking quite promising for you, especially on the love and family life front. 

2022 seems to be a better period than the previous few years and looking quite promising for you, especially on the love and family life front. With Jupiter entering its homestead of Pisces, all your past struggles would see an end now. There would be a better sense of ease in your personal and professional life. Through the year, your stubborn nature would become quite subdued and you might become a little more flexible. However be cautious as Saturn in its house of Aquarius. Your sign would be aspected by Saturn in 2022, hence this period would have its own share of struggles and drama. A generally pleasurable period would be brought about by Mars loitering in your sign for the year.

In the first half of the year, or even until August, relationships with beloved ones will develop positively. Taurus (zodiac sign of earth element) is quite rigid and he won’t change his mind too easily. But this year will be a chance for total metamorphosis. This is a very rare opportunity for conservative Taurus.

You have to prepare for the emergence of new ideas and change your way of thinking. At the beginning of this year you will feel quite uncomfortable, but over time you should be glad about new ideas. If you stop for a moment and think about it, you will quickly come to the conclusion that changes have a very positive effect on your family life, but also on finances and career. Moreover, you will be open to modern technologies, which previously came to you with difficulty.

You can also have an opportunity to change your place of living. Perhaps you will inherit a beautiful house or will be able to buy it cheaply. It will be larger than your current home and much more positive (I mean overall atmosphere). You can even think about building a completely new house. 2022 will be a very good period for starting such an investment

Whatever you will do, you can count on the moral support of family members and friends. In 2022 relationships with people will bloom like wildflowers in spring. It is not surprising that you will be in a good mood and will feel optimism stemming from relations.

Τhis year you will deal much better with people. You could stave off some old conflicts and reconcile with a few old enemies. This will have a huge impact on business opportunities. You will feel a lot better with good relations, your psyche will be able to rest a bit in a group of friends.

This year you will find out that the desire to achieve objectives actually helps you succeed. You will see progress in your work, but also in your love life and friendship. You will feel a burst of energy, so you can be more motivated to take action. You won’t doubt your power and wisdom. Therefore, you must remember that your tasks have to be made much faster and more efficiently.

In September, you will start to feel tempted to be more inquisitive in some cases - especially in matters of property. Unfortunately, it may create some new enemies. That is why you should think twice before you start to act. This way you will avoid a lot of trouble.

Special talents and skills of yours can be very effectively used this year. If you have delayed new, independent projects, now it’s a good time to take action. The energy of Uranus will give you a boost of real power – you will be able to do a lot of things you did not suspect. Trusting your own intuition will give you proper energy to achieve your dreams.

Thinking of how beautiful life is will bring you peace of mind and allow you to calm down. You should forgive old grudges – if you suffered any harm, now it’s a good time to forget them and move forward with life. The 2022 Taurus zodiac predictions suggest that you must allow yourself to let go of the past disappointments and mistakes. The same applies to the pain you suffered.

If you have some artistic talent, you can develop it by 2022. Perhaps you will begin to paint or sculpt, take dance class or find a job in show business. You can focus on the natural skills you have inside you. They will allow him to achieve great things.

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