No matter who does or does not get along in your family, you are the one that everyone turns to for solace, understanding, and compassion. You speak the language of emotions, which is why family members gravitate to you when they are down or confused.

Although this can be quite flattering to be needed so much, it can be a double-edged sword. You take on the sadness and pain of others so easily that it often results in your own feelings of sadness and pain.

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Be very careful about that this year, for at least one, but probably more, family members will seek you out with problems of their own - especially romantic problems. A relative of your own age may experience a breakup this year and will seek you out incessantly for comfort and advice, perhaps around June. This could be very draining. Be kind, but keep in mind that you are only human, and don't take on more than you should.

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A relative that you were not previously close to may come to you with the desire to be more of a friend than they have been, and this is a great idea. You may learn more about your family history through this person, and it could be enlightening about your own life.

A few simple quarrels in the family can turn into a fierce conflict. Even love may not be enough to ease the situation. And you will be stuck in the middle of discussions. Though you will try at all costs to reach an agreement, it will not be easy.

Teaming up with a family member this year in a work venture would also be an excellent idea, and that opportunity may come to you around August. Although you may question the trickiness of dealing with a relative in a business situation, this could go exceedingly well if you are both professional about it, and it could bring in a much-needed infusion of financial gains.



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