Fixed Stars is not a very known subject and one reason for this is that the astrologers disagree about their influence on a natal chart. Despite that fact, the study of Fixed Stars can provide a deeper knowledge and understanding about the way our Universe works as a whole, in contrast to our little Solar system’s microcosm.

The study of Fixed stars is one of the earliest attempts of Man to interpret the influence the stars have on our lives. The great astronomer and astrologer, Ptolemy in his books ‘Tetrabiblos’ and ‘Almagesti’ describes the positions, nature and influence for a large number of stars. These books became the groundwork for the further study of this matter by many astrologers in later years, including William Lilly.

The most common arguments some astrologers use against the influence of the Fixed stars, are two: firstly, the major implication of archetypes, symbolisms and myths which are embraced without prior discussion and secondly that the distances and precessions of equinoxes argue against the interpretation of such slowly moving stars.

On the other hand, there’s another group of astrologers, which believes in the uniformity of the Universe, and that the Fixed Stars can influence individuals as well as entire generations. The individual can be influenced through the classical aspects, but especially with Conjunction; a generation or a group of people as a consequence of their 70 year stay on a specific placement (Fixed Stars move 1 degree per 70 years)  when there is a close aspect (1 degree max orb) especially with the Lights.

The influence of the fixed stars differs from that of the planets in being much more dramatic, sudden and violent.

Fixed stars have much more influence in Horary and Event charts than in Tropical (natal) horoscopes.

A List of Fixed Stars

Deneb Kaitos (Difda, Diphda)

Astronomical information and designation: β Cetus

Position: 3rd Degree Aries (2020- 2º 52')

Nature: Saturn (Ptolemaeus) or Saturn-Mercury-Mars (Alvidas)

Part of Body: The back of the head, the eyes and cerebellum.

Decennial movement: 1950- 1°52', 1960- 2°01', 1970- 2°09', 1980- 2° 17', 1990- 2°26', 2000- 2°34', 2010- 2°43', 2020- 2º 52'

Influence: It causes self-destruction by brute force, sickness, disgrace, misfortune and compulsory change. Also, inhibitions and restraints in every way, psychologically and physically.


Astronomical information and designation: γ Pegasus. Algenib is a star in the constellation of Pegasus, located at the southeast corner of the asterism known as the Great Square. This is a large star with almost nine times the mass of the Sun and close to five times the Sun's radius.  Algenib derives from the Arabic الجانب (Al Janb) which means the Side.

Position: 10th Degree Aries (2020- 9º 26')

Nature: Mars-Mercury

Part of Body: Algenib rules the bottom portion of the skull between the nose and the upper lip in the human body. 

Decennial movement: 1950- 8°27', 1960- 8°35', 1970- 8°44', 1980- 8°52', 1990- 9°01', 2000- 9°09', 2010- 9°17, 2020- 9º26'

Influence: It gives notoriety, dishonor, violence, misfortune, and denotes the naked and poor professional beggar. It also gives penetrating mind and a strong will, as well as determination. The native has an impressive way of speaking and a gift for oratory.


Astronomical information and designation: α Andromeda

Position: 15th degree Aries (2020- 14° 35').

Nature: Jupiter-Venus

Decennial movement: 1950- 13° 36', 1960- 13° 45',1970- 13° 53', 1980- 14° 01', 1990 -14° 10', 2000- 14° 08', 2010- 14° 35'

Influence: It is considered extremely fortunate. It gives honors, advancement, wealth, popularity, love for movement, independence, harmony, grace.

Algol (caput)

Astronomical information and designation: β Perseus. Algol is a binary and variable white star. It is located 92.8 light years away from Earth. Algol changes its brightness, because it is an eclipsing binary - every 68 hours and 49 minutes.

Position: 27th degree Taurus (2019- 26° 25').

Nature: Jupiter-Mars

Suggested orb:

Decennial movement: 1950- 25° 28', 1960- 25° 36', 1970- 25° 45', 1980-25° 53', 1990-26° 02', 2000- 26° 10', 2010-26° 18'

Mythology: Algol represents the head of the Gorgon Medusa (the Gorgon's head, a ghastly sight, deformed and dreadful, and a sight of woe - Iliad), who was slain by Perseus. Medusa was cursed by Athena and she was turned into a horrible monster with snakes for hair. Anyone who met her gaze was immediately petrified. Perseus put her head on his shield. Even slain Medusa's head still retained its terrible power.  

History of the star: Τhe demon "blinks" for roughly 8 hours as thedimmer star of the pair passes between the brighter star and the earth. Ancient Arabs thought it was spooky, and called the star Algol, or Al-Ghul, which means "The Ghoul" or "Demon Star", and Ri'B al Ohill, the "Demon's Head". It is said to have been thus called from its rapid and wonderful variations. Algol is the most famous of the eclipsing variables and the only one known of in ancient times. This behavior was attributed to a pulsing eye of the Gorgon Medusa. "The Blinking Demon", "the Spectre's Head" are common names. Al-Ghul literally signifies a "Mischief-maker".The Hebrews knew Algol as Rosh ha Sitan, "Satan's Head", or "the Devil's Head".

Influence: Ιt is considered extremely unfortunate. It brings massive destruction, violence, drowning, beheading, electrocution.


Astronomical information and designation: η Tauri. Alcyone is a multiple star system in the constellation of Taurus. Approximately 440 light years from the Sun, it is the brightest star in the Pleiades open cluster, which is a young cluster, around 100 million years old. There are a number of fainter stars very close to Alcyone, most probably members of the same cluster.

Position: 1st degree Gemini (2019-00° 16 ')

Nature: Moon-Mars

Decennial movement: 1950- 29° 18' Taurus, 1960- 29° 27' Taurus, 1970- 29° 35' Taurus, 1980- 29° 43' Taurus, 1990- 29° 52' Taurus, 2000- 30° 00' Taurus, 2010- 00° 01' Gemini

Influence: Ιt is considered unfortunate. It brings ambition, honor, glory, grief, loss, bereavement. It also gives immorality, disorder, homosexuality, perverted sexuality.

Aldebaran (Royal Star)

Astronomical information and designation: α Tauri. Aldebaran, is a red giant star located about 65 light-years from the Sun in the zodiac constellation Taurus.

Position: 10th degree Gemini (2019-10°03')

Nature: Mars

Decennial movement: 1950- 09°06', 1960- 09°15', 1970- 09°23' Taurus, 1980- 09°31' Taurus, 1990- 09°40', 2000- 09°48', 2010- 09°57'

Influence: It is considered unlucky. It brings honors, fame, acceptance, loss, violent death, danger, risk. The star is also said to inflame the minds of the people with furious quarrels, and to be an enemy of peace and quiet.


Astronomical information and designation: β (Beta) Eridani. Cursa is the second-brightest star in the constellation of Eridanus, located in the northeast end of this constellation near the shared border with Orion. The apparent visual magnitude of this star is 2.796 so it can be viewed with the naked eye in dark skies. Parallax measurements yield an estimated distance of about 89 light-years (27 parsecs) from the Earth. 

Cursa begins the River Eridanus, the celestial depiction of the Greek's "Ocean Stream," which ends in the great southern star Achernar. The name comes from the Arabic Al Kursiyy al Jauzah,which translates as ‘The Giant’s Footstool’. 

Position: 16th degree Gemini (2020-15°32’)

Nature: Saturn

Decennial movement: 1950-14°05', 1960-14°43', 1970-14°51', 1980-15°00', 1990-15°08', 2000-15°16', 2010-15°25', 2020-15°32

Influence: Although it has a Saturnian nature it is considered beneficiary. It symbolizes the Currents of Fate, the irreversible changes to rhythm of life, and the sense of oblivion. It causes fluctuating emotions.


Astronomical information and designation: γ (Gamma) Orion. A pale yellow star marking the left shoulder of Orion, the Great Hunter. Bellatrix, the "Female Warrior", the Amazon Star, is from the translation of its Arabic title, Al Najid, "the Conqueror" The Arabians also call it Yad al-Jauza', "Hand of Orion".

Position: 20th Degree Gemini (2021-21°14’)

Suggested orb: 1 deg. approx. 

Planetary nature: According to Ptolemy it is like Mars and Mercury; and, to Alvidas, Mercury and Mars in a good aspect. 

Decennial movement: 1950-20°15’, 1960-20°23’, 1970-20°32’, 1980-20°40’, 1990-20°48’, 2000-20°56’, 2010-21°05’, 2020-21°13’

Influence: It gives great civil or military honor but danger of sudden dishonor, renown, wealth, eminent friends and liability to accidents causing blindness and ruin. 

If prominent in a woman's map it makes her loquacious and shrewish, and gives a high-pitched, hard and sharp voice.



Astronomical information and designation: α Columbae

Position: 23rd degree Gemini (2016- 22°24').

Nature: Venus-Mercury, with a twist of Uranian influence

Part of Body: Βronchial air sacs

Influence: It is considered beneficiary. It gives beneficence, hopefulness and good fortune. It is supposed to confer ardent interest in science. It is also gives an appreciation for form and rhythm as well as artistic talents. In some special occasions it confers a touch of genius and medium-ship.

El Nath

Astronomical information and designation: β Tauri. El Nath is a double brilliant pure white and pale gray star, marking the tip of the northern or left horn of the Bull. It's distance from Earth is approximately 130 light years.

Position: 23rd degree Gemini (2018-22° 49')

Nature: Mars

Decennial movement: 1950- 21°52’, 1960-22°01’, 1970-22°09’, 1980-22°17’, 1990-22°26’, 2000-22° 34’, 2010-22°43’

Part of Body: El Nath rules the right side of the 8th Vertebra (First Dorsal).

Influence: It gives luck, success, headstrong personalities and neutrality for good or evil. El Nath will show up practical skill in the military, in surgery, in engineering, and the handling of iron and steel. Traditionally El Nath portends great eminence and fortune to all who could claim it as their natal star. It also gives quarrels.


Astronomical information and designation: Beta (β) Auriga. Menkalinan, is a lucid yellow star in the left Shoulder of the Rein-holder. Menkalinan is from Arabic Al Mankib dhi'l 'Inan the Shoulder of the Rein-holder, which it marks, the solstitial colure passing it 2° to the east; the star itself being about 10° east of Capella, alpha (α) Auriga. Menkalinam, Menkalina are variations on the title. 

Position: 1st degree Cancer (2020- 0º11')

Decennial movement: 1950- 29°13' Gemini, 1960- 29°21' Gemini, 1970- 29°29’ Gemini, 1980- 29°38' Gemini, 1990- 29°46' Gemini, 2000- 29°54' Gemini, 2010- 0°03' Cancer, 2020-0º11' Cancer. 

Nature: Venus (Robson), Jupiter, with a weak influence of Mars and Venus character (Ebertin).

Part of Body: Menkalinan rules the last vertebra at the bottom of the spine (Seventh Lumbar).

Influence: It causes ruin, disgrace, and frequently violent death. If so, it would be a result of excess pleasure seeking. Only when really in good aspects is this fixed star rated as a positive acting one. Badly positioned, this star will be most unhelpful.


Astronomical information and designation: α Canis Majoris

Position: 15th degree Cancer (2015- 14°17')

Nature: Jupiter-Mars.

Influence: It is considered fortunate. It brings honor, glory, followers, wealth, ambition, fires, drought.


Astronomical information and designation: Alpha (α) Geminorum. Castor is a 1.9 magnitude complex multiple star system made up of six individual stars, located in the head of the Northern Twin of Gemini Constellation.

Mythology: Castor and Pollux were the Two Gods of Sparta in Greece, sons of Leda and Zeus. Castor was the mortal sibling while Pollux was the immortal one. When Castor was killed in battle, Pollux asked his father Zeus (Jupiter) that he die to forever be with Castor. Zeus killed Pollux with a bolt of lightning and placed the twins in heaven as the constellation Gemini.

Position: 21st Cancer  2018- (20º 29')

Nature: Mercury (according to Ptolemy), Mercury-Jupiter (according to Leowicz), Mars-Venus-Saturn (according to Julevno)

Decennial movement: 1950-19°32’, 1960-19°41’, 1970-19°49’, 1980-19°57’, 1990-20°06’, 2000-20°14’, 2010-20°23’

Influence: Castor gives a keen intellect, distinction, honours and sudden fame. It also gives  success in laws and publishing, many travels, fondness for horses.

However, reversals of fortune are sudden because Castor often takes back what it offers. When it is not well-aspected, Castor may turn the individual into a pernicious and violent person, according to Robson. It also gives loss of fortune and disgrace, sickness, trouble and great affliction. It causes accidents, such as breaking an arm or a leg or troubles with the knees. Castor is also noted in natal astrology for proneness to nervous breakdowns.


Astronomical information and designation: β Gemini

Position: 24th degree Cancer (2016 23° 26')  

Nature: Mars

Influence: It gives discernment, shrewdness, dynamism, courage, dare. In its negative aspect Pollux shows cruel and reckless nature, humiliation, destruction and imprisonment. It also shows animosity but the native can retain his dignity.

Asellus Australis

Astronomical information and designation: δ Cancer

Position: 9th degree Leo (2015 8° 56').

Nature: Sun-Mars

Influence: It is considered unfortunate. It gives promotion in the military, determination, perseverance. It causes blindness, eye problems, fevers, shipwrecks, massacres, horror, abhorrence, inability of cooperation, slander.


Astronomical information and designation: Alpha (α) Ursa Major. It is a yellow star on the back of the Greater Bear. Dubb, more generally Dubhe, the Bear, is the abbreviation of the Arabians' Thahr al Dubb al Akbar, the Back of the Greater Bear, Dubb being first found in the Alfonsine Tables. Another traditional name is Ak which means The Eye.

Position: 16th degree Leo (2017- 15°26')

Nature: Mars. Ιt is credited with the destructiveness of Mars, working itself out particularly in mundane maps, in a nasty way if conjunct Saturn.

Decennial movement: 1950-14°30', 1960-14°38', 1970-14°47', 1980-14°55', 1990-15°04', 2000-15°12', 2010-15°20'

Influence: The natives born under the influence of Dubhe, while they may not have all the expertise themselves, will guide those who want help, and in this process the natives will experience true happiness and fulfilment. It provides the native with huge strength, persistence and endurance. If the horoscope allows, Dubhe can help the native to cope up with all manner of problems in a calm and unhurried way. It also gives intuition and the understanding that what goes up must come down and everything works in cycles. So he must not despair because opportunities will always come around.

Regulus (Royal Star)

Astronomical information and designation: α Leo

Position: 1st degree Virgo (2016- 0° 03’).

Nature: Mars-Jupiter.

Influence: It is considered extremely fortunate. It brings love of freedom, independence, nobility, prestige, leadership. It causes sudden accidents, fall, and violence.

Alioth (Black Horse)

Astronomical information and designation: ε Ursα Major,

Position: 10th degree Virgo (2016-9° 09').

Nature: Mars, especially its volatile aspect of the planet.

Influence: It is considered unfortunate. The Alioth's key-word is "anger". On his positive side, Alioth gives the native  the ability to be the fighter that never gives up or the person that successfully transmutated his anger into something creative. On his negative side, Alioth in women horoscopes gives suicidal thought, problems during pregnancy and delivery. In general Alioth brings human-related disasters, family problems, bad fortunes within the native's profession, disappointments brought about by friends.

 Zosma (Zozma, Duhr)

Astronomical information and designation: δ Leo

Position: 12th degree Virgo (2015- 11º 32')

Nature: Saturn-Venus.

Influence: It gives an insightful mind. It causes melancholy, depression, a feeling of restriction, dishonour, self-centeredness, immorality, wickedness. The native born under Zosma is absurd, outrageous and egoistical. The native has also the fear or actual risk of being poisoned.

Denebola (al Dhanab al Asad)

Astronomical information and designation: β Leo

Position: 22nd degree Virgo (2017-21° 51')

Nature: Saturn-Venus

Influence: It is considered unfortunate. It causes misery, public disgrace, criticism, stubbornness, lack of imagination, unwanted associates, misfortune, happiness turns into despair and anger, mental and physical illnesses, natural disasters, gossip. On the other hand, Denebola makes all of those who were born under its influence daring, self-controlled, and busy with other people's affairs. There is also a noble and generous character, whose misfortunes are apt to stem from this nobility of character.

Nodus 1 (Al dhi'bah)

Astronomical information and designation: ζ Draco

Position: 4th Degree Libra (2016- 3°41')

Nature: Saturn-Mars

Influence: It gives artistic and emotional nature, unfortunately, solemn and unsmiling. It gives a powerful and piercing mind. It gives lots of friends and travel. In its negative aspect it causes fear of theft and poisoning.


14th degree Libra Algorab


Astronomical information and designation: α Virgo

Position: 25th degree Libra (2016- 24° 04’).

Nature: It has the nature of Venus and Mars.

Influence: It is considered very fortunate. It brings stability, love, wealth, acclaim, glamour. A conjunction with the star gives protection from the Via Combusta.

Alphecca (Alphekka, Gnosia, Gemma, Ashtaroth)

Astronomical information and designation: α Coronae Borealis

Position: 13th degree Scorpio (2015 12°31').

Nature: Venus-Mercury

Influence: It gives honours, dignity, poetic and artistic abilities, successes in the commercial sector. But it can bring a life focused on material and corporal pleasures to such an extent that the person lives in infidelity, debauchery and in disrepute.


Astronomical information and designation: α Serpentis

Position: 23th degree Scorpio (2016- 22° 18’).

Nature: Saturn-Mars.

Influence: It is considered unfortunate. It brings success after great difficulties, success in war, success in politics, success in writing. It causes suicide, madness, immorality, love problems, accidents, counterfeiting, shipwrecks, earthquakes, loss, and danger from poisons.


Astronomical information and designation: ω Hercules

Position: 2nd degree Sagittarius (2014- 1°46').

Nature: Mercury

Influence: It gives strength of character, fiery nature, perseverance, stability for a purpose. It causes stubbornness and dangerous passions.


Astronomical information and designation: α Ophiuchi

Position: 23rd degree Sagittarius (2016-22°40').

Nature: of Saturn- Venus

Influence: It is considered an unfortunate star. Rasalhague along with Sabik (η Ophiuchi) have generally been associated with excesses, portending perverted morals, mental depravity, and misfortune through women. There is also danger of insect bites, snake bites or assault from animals or rabid dogs. Rasalhague rules the right side of the groin in the human body.

Lesath (Leschath, Lesuth)

Astronomical information and designation: υ Scorpio

Position: 25th degree Sagittarius (2014- 24° 13').

Nature: Mercury-Mars.

Influence: It is associated with an acute and penetrating mind. It causes dangerous situations, hopelessness, immorality, malignancy. The words cut like a knife. Usually there are behaviors of "shoot first, talk later" type. It is also associated with acidic poisons.

Antares (Royal Star)

Astronomical information and designation: α Scorpii

Position: 10th degree Sagittarius (2015- 9° 59’)

Nature: Mars-Jupiter.

Influence: It is considered fortunate. It brings adventure, honours, generosity. It causes violent impulses, sudden losses, stubbornness, and multiple marriages.

16th degree Capricorn Vega


Astronomical information and designation: ε Aquarius.

Position: 12th degree Aquarius (2018-11° 57').

Nature: Mars-Mercury

Decennial movement: 1950- 11°01', 1960-11°09', 1970- 11°18', 1980- 11°26', 1990- 11°34', 2000- 11°42', 2010-11°51'

Influence: It is considered neutral. Albali is the Lucky Swallower, as it is effectively the first star of the Constellation. With its companions μ and ν, it lies above the α and β stars of Capricorn, seeming to ‘swallow up’ their light with its own brightness and so accounting for its name. It lies just 1°51’ short of Armus, so it can be taken to show a quality of helpfulness and extra energy to whatever Armus itself signifies on a particular chart. There may be an influence from Neptune as the helio planetary South Node of Neptune is only 0°12′ from Albali.

Albali is indicative of danger and can cause persecution and even death, but are also said to give good fortune.

Fomalhaut (Royal Star)

Astronomical information and designation: α Piscis Austrini

Position: 5th degree Pisces (2016- 4° 04’)

Nature: Venus-Mercury.

Influence: It is considered to be fortunate. It brings wisdom, integrity, ideals. It causes substance abuse and brings unwanted associates.


Astronomical information and designation: α Eridanus

Position: 16th degree Pisces (2015- 15° 30')

Nature: It has the nature of Jupiter

Influence: It is considered fortunate. It gives success in public positions, profits and privileges from Religion, religious commitment, charity, benefaction, and kindness.


Astronomical information and designation: β Pegasus

Position: 30th degree Pisces (2015- 29°34')

Nature: Mars-Mercury (Ptolemy) or Saturn or Neptune square with Mars or Saturn (Simmonite)

Influence: It is considered extremely unlucky. According to tradition it causes murders, suicides, drowning. The Arabs named it "Upper Orifice". According to them Scheat causes disasters, shipwrecks, floods, accidents in mines, air accidents, or any disaster water can do. In some exceptional cases Scheat can give mental clarity, provided that the person is ready to accept it.

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