Astronomical information and designation: Algorab is one of the 15 Behenian Fixed Stars and is located in the Corvus constellation (δ Corvus). Its image is a raven, snake or a negro dressed in black. It is on the right wing, and at the upper left corner of the square of the Crow, Corvus. The Arabic name for Algorab is Al-Ghurab, "The raven".

Delta Corvi has more than 2.7 times the mass of the Sun, which is causing it to radiate a much higher energy output—roughly 69 times the Sun's luminosity.

Position: 14th degree Libra (2021-13° 44')

Nature: Mars-Saturn

Suggested orb: 1 deg. approx.

Part of Body: Right kidney

General influence of the star

Dr. Eric Morse wrote in The Living Stars (p.175), Algorab is a Mars-Saturn star that can show up the more troublesome side of Libra, a variation on the truth when an excuse looks to be safer, but is not always found to be so. Algorab is said to be a hindrance, especially when other Saturnian influences are predominant. According to Ebertin, delays and restraint are indicated to come about by fiascoes, losses, wrong handling of matters and enmity in general. Accidents or injuries are difficult to avoid. It gives destructiveness, malevolence, fiendishness, repulsiveness and lying, and is connected with scavenging.

It is a star in the 12th nakshatra, Hasta, the Hand, with Savitar, the Sun, as its presiding divinity; this star, delta, marking the junction with Citra (Spica), the next lunar station.

Influences of the 11th Hindu Mansion: favorable for sales, art, sculpture, learning, marital love, wearing of ornaments, medicine, and purchase of carriages when containing the Moon. Those born on the lunar day will be thieves,dealers in large animals, painters, merchants, handsome and religious.

Algorab is not a significant star when well aspected, but can be a nuisance if aspects of planets involved are hard ones. A conjunction with Sun or Moon is not good either, if the lights are afflicted. If Algorab is in conjunction with the Sun, Moon, or one of the malefics, it has a reputation for accidents or injuries that are difficult to avoid.

If someone is born under Algorab’s influence is angry, a backbiter, and experiences bad dreams. If Algorab is well aspected in the native’s horoscope, he makes the native bold and courageous.

In occultism, Algorab gives the power of summoning or driving away evil spirits, protection from winds, and the malice of men and devils. Sorcery in the wrong hands really is dangerous and inviting in malevolent entities is no joke if you do not know how to banish the more dangerous demons from whence they came. The problem with magic is that it is the intention that counts. Dark sorcery or light working miracles are all in the hands of the magician or healer.

Algorab rules stones of the color of black onyx, burr, quadrangles, henbane, comfrey, and the tongue of a frog. 

Algorab Star Conjunctions

Ascendant conjunct Algorab: Accidents or injuries that are difficult to avoid. 

Midheaven conjunct Algorab: Military preferment but final disgrace.  (Elizabeth Taylor 1°40′)

Sun conjunct Algorab: Accidents or injuries that are difficult to avoid. 

Moon conjunct Algorab: Accidents or injuries that are difficult to avoid. 

Decennial movement

1950- 12°45'

1960- 12°53'

1970- 13°02'

1980- 13°10'

1990- 13°18'

2000- 13°26'

2010- 13°35'

2020- 13°43’

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