Venus in the first house

Whatever appears in the first house is obvious to all. With Venus rising, you’re warm, sociable, and attractive, a quality you also admire in others.

Venus  in the second house

You’ve  heard that  money can’t buy  you love. You just don’t believe it. Money and the things it can buy matter to you, which is probably why astrologers associate this placement with shopping.

Venus in the third house

You love to talk, travel, and gather information. You express yourself eloquently, and your verbal abilities attract admirers. You also interact well with your brothers and sisters. This is an excellent position for a writer or public speaker.

Venus in the fourth house

In the absence of other factors, this fortunate placement bestows a happy childhood, a close tie to your mother, a talent for decorating, and a beautiful home.

Venus in the fifth house

You attract love and are great with children (being somewhat of a child yourself). You respond to the arts and may be naturally talented. A delight to be around, you get along with everyone and enjoy life to the max. You’ll never lack for admirers or invitations.

Venus in the sixth house

Work is as essential to your happiness as love. When the one prospers, so does the other. You meet potential suitors through your work, and you make friends and inspire affection on the job. Fulfilling employment brings you happiness, improves your health, and makes you more attractive.

Venus in the seventh house

Affectionate and well-liked, you’re a congenial person who’s happiest in a committed relationship. Thanks to your innate charm, you attract a wide selection of potential mates and have the ability to create a loving relationship, perhaps with someone in the arts. Business partnerships are also  beneficial.


Venus in the eighth house

You’re seductive, manipulative, obsessive, passionate, and often under the sway of a raging storm of feelings — and that includes omnivorous sexual appetites. Your love life is probably a maze of complications. You’re also shrewd with money, which often comes your way through marriage, inheritance, or savvy investments.

Venus in the ninth house

Love comes through anything that expands your horizons, with emphasis on travel, education, law, and publishing, all fields to which you’re well-suited. Philosophical and idealistic, you respond to exciting ideas and large systems of thought. You could marry a foreigner (or someone you meet while traveling), a professor, a writer, a lawyer, a member of the clergy, and anyone involved with publishing.

Venus in the tenth house

Your career, ideally in the arts, means a lot to you. You’re likable and outgoing, and people want to help you. You receive particular help from women, and your reputation is sterling — unless you make it too obvious how socially ambitious you are. You want a high-status spouse. Fortunately, people are naturally attracted to you: You  don’t have to push.

Venus in the eleventh house

You’re open-minded, affectionate, and cooperative, and people feel comfortable around you. You’re the hub of your social circle, a natural leader within a group, and a devoted pal. You easily attract both friends and  lovers.

Venus in the twelfth house

Highly attuned to the feelings of others, you’re a sensitive person with a need for privacy and a tendency to be secretive. Many people with this placement fall into clandestine love affairs, while others, suffering from shyness and vulnerability, are so easily hurt in social interactions that they pull back to lick their wounds. Solitude calms you, and art can bring you peace.

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