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ARIES, the Ram (March 20–April 18)

Symbol: aries symbol 2The glyph (written symbol) signifies the head of the ram, a gushing fountain of energy, or the eyebrows and nose of a human being — a part of the face that’s well-defined and graceful on a typical Aries.It also has been said that it represents two spirals, the future and the past.

Polarity: Positive    

Modality: Cardinal     

Element: Fire       

Favorable Colors: Red and white

Lucky Gem: Diamond, Amethyst, Ruby, Jasper (red)

Part of the Body: The  head

Metal: Iron

Ruling Planet: Mars

Key Phrase: I am

Opposite Sign: Libra       

Possitive traits: Spontaneous, motivated, active, pioneer-spirit, qualities of leadership; creative, direct, honest, even brutally so. Determined, knows what he (or she) wants, and acts in order to get it. Self-assertive. Energetic.

Negative traits: Acts without purpose, dominating, begins projects without seeing them through to the end. Egocentric (although not necessarily egoistic). Inconsiderate, rude, always wants to have the last word. Impetuous.

The possitive side

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, the sign that symbolizes new beginnings. As an Aries person you are enthusiastic, inspiring, and exhilarating, a force of nature like no other. Blessed with boundless energy and a bold, appealing personality, you have a zest for life that surpass any other sign. You’re intrepid, passionate, and courageous. Unconventional and joyously individualistic, you display a robust sense of who you are and an eagerness to follow your own intuition. You have a sense of purpose and a distinct personal style, and you refuse to let others define you. Υou react quickly to any situation making instantaneous decisions. You believe in action and proudly stand up for what you know is right, even if it conflicts with commonly held notions. Neither a joiner nor a follower, you’re a natural-born leader because you have a clear, decisive mind combined with total faith in your own reactions and plans. You like to lead, but you do not like to be dictated to.

You are enterprising, capricious, high-minded, charitable and have a strong will; somewhat versatile and fit for various lines of work. You are very industrious and seldom waste much time on persons and matters that would not in some way prove useful to you.

You have good taste in dress and like to make a good appearance. You seem to be faithful and devoted to home life and to your friends.

At your audacious best, you’re untiring, ardent, and thoroughly original. A risk-taker with a pioneering spirit, you have a deep need to prove yourself. So when a fresh idea or a groundbreaking mission captures your imagination, you rush in. Later on, if your interest falters or your hopes don’t pan out, you move on, undaunted. The fiery sign under which you were born causes many of your impulsive actions. Your impulses often lead you into many errors, but you have a wonderful faculty of getting out of difficulties. After all, Life is too short to waste on anything that fails to please you.

You are a good talker, bright, active, witty and a good student. You seem to know things without being told. 


The negative side

Like a child, you can be self-centered, inconsiderate, and intent on doing things your way. Your determination is often unbreakable. When you really want something, you can be combative, brash, and even ruthless in your efforts to get it. You’re willing to take risks and you do a lot of rule breaking, a trait that doesn’t always work to your benefit. Rather than bending to someone else’s requirements, you prefer to simply obey your instincts. At times you exhibit a woeful lack of foresight, and you often lack diligence. Although your enthusiasms are many, you easily become restless and your initial interest soon fizzles. Your impatience is legendary. For that reason, you find greater satisfaction with short-term ventures than with lengthy ones. And there’s no avoiding the fact that you have a white-hot temper; it comes and goes in a flash, but when it appears, you’re terrifying. If thwarted, you can demonstrate fierce anger but you possess sufficient spirituality not to harbour resentment too long. Your fearlessness can be a detriment as it may lead to a reckless abandon.

Emotionally, you find it difficult to imagine how other people feel. You can strike people as insensitive, egocentric, and self-absorbed. You hold strong opinions, and you’re not afraid to express them, no matter how unpolitically correct (or impolite) they may be. You figure it this way: If expressing your views causes others discomfort, let them nurse their fragile sensibilities on their own. You have too much to do to sit around obsessing over hurt feelings, criticism, or the sorrows and injustices of the past.

You reserve your sweetness for your family and most intimate friends. To strangers and outsiders you have an undemonstrative appearance, which makes people think you are unfeeling on account of your cool demeanor. This sometimes makes people misunderstand you, and though you have tried to overcome it, you may not have been very successful.

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