LEO: The King of the Zodiac

Symbol:leo zodiacsign ink

Polarity: Positive

Modality: Fixed

Element: Fire

Favorable Colors: Gold and orange

Lucky Gem: Ruby

Parts of the Body: Heart and spine

Metal: Gold Ruling

Planet: The Sun               

Key Phrase: I will

Opposite Sign: Aquarius              

Possitive Traits: Extroverted. Warmth of feeling, is able to express love without inhibition. Full of vitality; wishes to enjoy that which life has to offer, and is willing to help others do the same. Very creative. Possesses natural qualities of leadership due to his (or her) physical and/or psychological strength. Generous.

Negative Traits: Demanding. Arrogant, conceited. A real know-it-all. Insists on being the first, the greatest, the most beautiful, and wants to dominate other people. Loses interest quickly if he can’t be the center of attention. Uses his generosity to manipulate or dominate others.


The positive side

You’ve got flair. If you’re a typical Leo, you’re outgoing, loyal, determined, cheerful, and likable. You’re active, with an astoundingly busy social calendar and a pile of responsibilities. Whatever you may do for a living, your schedule is crammed full. You aim to live life to the fullest — and have a good time while you’re at it. Even in ordinary conversations, you fall into the role of entertaining other people because you love to be the center of attention — and with the Sun as your ruling planet, you really do light up the room.

Equipped with a lively sense of humor, vividly rendered opinions, and the ability to have fun even under adverse conditions, you present yourself with confidence and pizazz. Radiant and proud, you have charisma to burn.

You also have a king-of-the-jungle sense of dignity — and an equally regal sense of entitlement to go with it. You appreciate luxury and glamour in all their forms. Yet despite your aristocratic ways and your need to be pampered, you respect hard work and are willing to shoulder more than your share of the responsibility. Although you can be demanding, you value loyalty and return it in kind. You’re helpful and generous, a staunch supporter of an underdog or a friend    in distress. And you bring the party with you. Naturally, you want to be acknowledged. What’s wrong with that?


The negative side

Beneath your flamboyant exterior, you would be humiliated if anyone ever knew how hard you try or how vulnerable you feel. In your desperate efforts to get people to like you, you hog center stage, sometimes reducing everyone around you to audience members, although you should know that most people don’t enjoy that role. You’re inclined to tell people what you think they want to hear, even if it means weaseling out later when the truth is revealed. You tend to exaggerate, partially because you want to tell a riveting story and partially because you want to cast yourself in a flattering light. It’s a matter of strategy: You figure that if you play your cards right, you’ll triumph.

You can also be arrogant, overbearing, vain, self-aggrandizing, and histrionic — a real drama queen. You can be dogmatic about the tiniest things. Or what other people ought to do with their lives. It will sound harsh, but your urge to give unsolicited advice gets old, even though your motivation is noble. An idealist of the first order, you know what life ought to be. If only you could figure out how to make it happen — and how to convince other people to play their   parts.

You’re more demanding than you realize — and more controlling. And you find it difficult to admit mistakes. When you calm down and stop manipulating, your warmth and generosity come through, and you command the adoration that you crave.

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