Symbol: pisces symbol 2

Polarity: Negative

Modality: Mutable

Element: Water

Favorable Colors: Sea green and lavender

Lucky Gem: Aquamarine

Parts of the Body: Feet and immune system

Metal: Platinum

Ruling Planet: Neptune

Key Phrase: I believe

Opposite Sign: Virgo

Positive Traits

Sensitive to the needs of others: compassion. Helps without expecting anything in return. Inspired, intuitive. Dreamy, very romantic, yet is quite able to think clearly and logically. Perceives the energies behind the appearances. More than just tolerant: accepts others without judgment. Extremely imaginative, rich fantasy life.

Negative Traits

No sense of reality. Fear of living, and of asserting oneself: feels that he is the victim of life. Tries to flee from day-to-day reality using any means at his disposal: drugs, alcohol, etc. A morbid dependence on fantasies prevents him from building a meaningful life. Chaotic, dishonest, unable to discipline himself, unreliable and unpunctual.

Positive  side

You want sensitive? Pisces is sensitive. Every tiny bounce in the emotional weather sends your internal compass into a spin. Sympathetic and receptive, you receive a constant barrage of impressions and information, and you can be weirdly psychic. But protecting yourself is difficult because you lack boundaries. All your membranes are permeable. When the people upstairs have a fight, you feel battered. When bad things happen to good people, you’re horrified. And when good things happen to people you love, you rejoice. (It’s one of your most magnificent traits.) You’re generous, big- hearted, insightful, and truly compassionate. You’re also innately spiritual.

Another strength is your powerful imagination. Your dreams (and daydreams) can be a vivid source of inspiration and even problem-solving. Your intuition is equally powerful. You sense what’s going on way before it registers on the seismograph. But you can also become trapped in a web of illusion.  At your intuitive best, your refusal to get hung up on the limitations of reality enables you to leap over obstacles and to make surprising breakthroughs and turnarounds. Unlike more “realistic” signs, you embrace change and are willing to take enormous risks. Often your gambles succeed. When they don’t, you’re philosophical about it. As Albert Einstein, a prototypical Pisces, said, “A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.”

Negative Side

At your out-to-lunch worst, you’re gullible in the extreme, irrational, and so easily hurt that you’re practically an open wound. Because the requirements of ordinary life can overwhelm you, you’re prone to wishful thinking and outright fantasy, often combined with a sense of entitlement that boggles the mind. Indecisive and weak, you’re readily deceived.

But that’s not the most serious problem. More often, you delude yourself by simply refusing to accept reality. Your  grasp of reality is tenuous at best, and you often refuse to accept even a little responsibility for your situation. Even when you’re miserable, your passivity can bypass all reason. Instead of taking action when you’re feeling trapped, you wait to be rescued, often sinking into a melancholy pattern of brooding and procrastination. Moreover,  when your efforts come to nothing or your dreams are thwarted, you tend to be overcome by lethargy, self-pity, depression, guilt, or resentment. Sleep — too little or, more commonly, too much — can defeat your most heartfelt resolutions. And did I mention substance abuse? Let’s just say that you’re susceptible. More than most, you’re your own worst enemy. And, more than most, you have the capacity to turn your circumstances (and your attitude) around.

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