Symbol: Aquarius 1

Polarity: Positive

Modality: Fixed

Element: Air

Favorable Colors: Electric blue and glow-in-the-dark shades

Lucky Gem: Amethyst

Parts of the Body: Ankles,  circulatory system

Metal: Aluminum

Ruling Planet: Uranus

Key Phrase:  I know

Opposite Sign: Leo

Positive Traits

Progressive. Original, feels free and independent. Would like to wander new paths, even if others don’t approve. Inventive: has a thousand ideas about how to improve the quality of life. Humane: willing to help others, even if there is nothing in it for him. Places a high value on friendship.

Negative Traits

Rebellious for the sake of rebellion, not really in order to improve society, though that is what he’d have you think; or else, the “rebel without a cause”. Wastes his originality of thought on crazy, useless ideas. A stubborn revolutionary, prepared to use violence, if perceived as necessary, in order to create a “better society”.

Positive  side

Very much a member of your own generation, you’re a natural visionary and a humanitarian of the first order — at least in theory. You have high-minded principles, and you try to live by them. Altruistic and issue-oriented, you believe in the equality of all human beings, and you’re interested in everyone, regardless of class, race, age, sexual orientation, or any of the other concerns that shape life today. Exquisitely aware of the impact that those factors can have, you possess the ability (when you so choose) to set them aside and connect with the real human being. The terrible things that happen in the world appall you, the issues of the day animate you, and you aren’t one to follow a party line just because that’s what your friends believe. You have a capacious brain, and you think for yourself.

A maverick with a lively, inventive mind, you have an off-beat set of interests and habits. Science fiction and technology are Aquarian; so is video art and everything indie. But whether you resonate to those particular areas isn’t the point. (After all, not all Sagittarians go horseback riding, and — surprise! — not every Cancer loves to cook.) The point is that you lean into the future, not away from it. Intrigued and unafraid, you’re utterly contemporary, a composition in avant-garde. You’re also congenial and charismatic. You accumulate a variety of friends (and to your perverse joy, they often disapprove of each other.) Your likeable personality and open-minded intelligence are the draw.

Negative Side

Your unconventional, independent outlook can morph into eccentricity, thoughtlessness, pointless rebellion, and strange hair. You can be contrary and childish, a foot-stomping rebel who’s never willing to go along. As a fixed sign, you tend to be stubborn, and it’s rare for you to give up a cherished idea, no matter how outmoded it may become. And your famous humanity, perhaps your finest trait, can seem false. You may strike people as distant and aloof because you recoil from intimacy and even go out of your way to erect barriers against it. For you, detachment is a natural state. More comfortable with ideas than with emotions, you can be warm on the surface but chilly underneath. You’re a visitor to spaceship Earth — alert but uninvolved. Although your idealism runs deep, and you truly want the best for yourself and others, you don’t necessarily express these thoughts in a positive way. Emotionally, you may strike people as peculiarly insensitive, even as they strike you as bizarrely thin-skinned. The truth is that you just don’t get it. At your worst, I’m sorry to say, you’re an  android.

And there’s another element to you that’s easily overlooked. Beneath the dazzling surface of your personality and your remarkable, inventive mind, you can be stunningly insecure. Other people may not notice this (they may think, instead, that you have an overinflated ego). In fact, your self-doubt hampers you and is something to fight.

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