Symbol: 1sagt

Polarity: Positive

Modality: Mutable

Element: Fire

Favorable Colors: Purple and blue

Lucky Gem: Turquoise

Part of the Body: Hips and thighs

Metal: Tin

Ruling Planet: Jupiter

Key Phrase: I see

Opposite Sign: Gemini

Positive traits

Optimistic, wants to expand his horizons in order to move towards a better future. Contagiously enthusiastic. Desires to help others to see the more positive aspects of life. Lively sense of humor. Views life from an all-inclusive perspective. Tolerant. Adventurous, independent.

Negative traits

An exaggerated optimism leads to taking unnecessary risks. A “know-it-all” who is always trying to impress others with his knowledge or cleverness. A lack of inner stability and perseverance causes him to give up projects before seeing them through to completion. Conceited. Becomes self-righteous when angered.

The positive side

At your happiest and best, you’re a free spirit, a cheerful wanderer, an honest and intelligent companion, and a philosopher who likes to ponder the big questions — preferably with a few pals and a plentiful supply of snacks. You see life as an ongoing quest for experience and wisdom, not as a search for security. Restless and excitable, with a rapid-fire wit, you chafe under restriction and demand autonomy, which you happily extend to others.

In your eternal quest for experience and knowledge, you pursue a multitude of interests and you set ambitious, wide-ranging goals for yourself. You want to see the world and understand it, which is why your sign rules travel, philosophy, religion, law, and abstractions of all kinds. Sagittarius is free- thinking, casual, open-minded, and optimistic. You connect easily with all kinds of people and are said to be lucky. The truth is that your spontaneous decisions and out-there gambles occasionally pay off, but what benefits you the most is your fearless attitude. Sure, troubles may come. No one is immune to that. But ultimately, buoyed by your curiosity and belief in the future, you bounce back. You look at it this way: What other choice is there?

The negative side

Like the centaur, your half-human, half-horse symbol, you’re divided. Part of you aspires to party into the night. The other part of you aims high, longing to expand your mind and explore the infinite reaches of the spirit. Sounds good, but you can be a blowhard — and without a target, you flounder. Impractical and disorganized, you’re easily sidetracked and must battle a tendency to procrastinate. You fritter away endless amounts of time and energy (and money). Moreover, you can be unreliable, with an unfortunate tendency to promise more than you can actually deliver. You don’t mean to misrepresent yourself; it’s just that your innate optimism causes you to overestimate your ability.

A peculiar fact about Sagittarius is that although you supposedly love the outdoors, you may not spend much time there. And though you thrive on exercise, you can be physically clumsy. More significantly, you can be dogmatic and fanatical, with an exasperating propensity to preach. Finally, there’s your legendary tactlessness. You haven’t learned to lie, even when it’s a kindness to do so. A friend shows up with badly cropped hair or a hideous new outfit? You blurt out the unflattering truth. It’s the flip side of your honesty — and it’s nothing to be proud of.

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