Symbol: 1SCOT

Polarity: Negative

Modality: Fixed

Element: Water

Favorable Colors: Dark reds and black

Lucky Gem: Opal

Part of the Body: Reproductive organs

Metal: Steel or iron

Ruling Planet: Pluto

Key Phrase: I desire

Opposite Sign: Taurus

Possitive Traits

Intense; he will always try to plunge into the depths of any subject which interests him. Passionate; he sees sexuality as a means of achieving “mystical union”. Interested in the occult. Always looking for that which is “essential” in life. A profound interest in the mysteries of human nature gives a special talent for psychology.

Negative Traits

Will learn more about different subjects mainly in order to gain power over others. Becomes bored easily if there is nothing “sensational” to be experienced. May become destructive in order to achieve a goal to which he dedicates himself with extremes of fanaticism.

The possitive side

Vibrant, magnetic, and passionate, you’re a person of depth and complexity who participates in life fully. You’re perceptive and sensual, and your senses are alert. So are your powers of observation. As a Scorpio, you’re aware of the spoken message as well as the subtext and the body language, and you can’t help relishing the melodrama of it all. Your insights into human psychology are discerning, in part because you have such a wide range of experience.

Your mood seesaws between ecstatic heights and nightmarish depths, and there’s hardly an emotion that you haven’t felt right down to your soul. You’re also curious about other people. Although you value your privacy and are often quite reticent, you’re skilled at ferreting out the secrets of others.

Mysteries fascinate you, which is why astrology books inevitably recommend that Scorpios become detectives or spies.

Here’s another positive trait: You’re determined. When you apply yourself, your willpower is astonishing (although you can also take it too far: Eating disorders are a blight on your sign). You’re resourceful, too. You make careful plans, and if the time’s not right, you wait. You don’t ever give up. You aim for the highest — or the lowest. That’s why, unlike any other sign, Scorpio has three symbols: the scorpion, which crawls through the dust; the eagle, which soars through the air; and the phoenix, which burns itself up in the heat of its passion and is reborn. Like that mythical bird, you have the ability to rejuvenate yourself.

The negative side

Let me be honest: Scorpio has some deeply nasty traits. You can be obsessive, jealous, secretive, manipulative, and arrogant. You have an exceedingly wicked tongue. You know how to wound, and if you’re backed into a corner, you don’t hesitate to do so. Once you decide that you’ve been crossed, you’re unforgiving. You can be vengeful, spiteful, and disturbingly cold-hearted.

Most of you keep that side of your personality under wraps. Instead, you struggle with depression. When times are tough, you plummet to the bottom of the sea. Other signs don’t begin to comprehend the bleak despair that pulls you down. Yet this is an essential component of being a Scorpio. It works like this: You sink into darkness, claw your way through the underworld of the psyche, and wrestle with your own worst qualities and darkest fears. And then you emerge. You pursue your demons like a warrior, fighting relentlessly, even against addiction and other tribulations. In your quest for renewal and transformation, you’re unflinching

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