CANCER, THE CRAB (June 21-July 22)

Symbol: cancer 2

Polarity: Negative  

Modality: Cardinal   

Element: Water     

Ruling Planet: The Moon

Favorable Colors: White and silver

Lucky Gems: Pearls and moonstones

Parts of the Body: Stomach and breasts                

Metal: Silver

Key Phrase: I feel

Opposite Sign: Capricorn        

Possitive Traits

Sensitive. Wants to nurture and protect others. Good memory, especially since this individual likes to live in the past. Identifies with those whom he considers “his own”. Full of feeling, absorbs impressions rapidly. Intuitive. Very deep emotions, great capacity for love.

Negative Traits

Overly sensitive: takes everything too personally. Moody. All too subjective, and has therefore little objective perspective. Passive, allows himself to be unduly influenced by others. Often hypocritical, because of a fear of confronting others directly in unpleasant situations.


Possitive Side

You embody an intriguing paradox. Because you’re a water sign, you’re emotionally wide open with an intense inner focus. Because you’re also a cardinal sign, you’re enterprising and ambitious, with a strong outer focus. No wonder you’re known for your fluctuating moods. Your emotional sensitivity is one of your greatest assets. It serves as a barometer to the atmosphere around you, and the more tuned into it you are, the better. You’re shrewd and insightful. When you trust your intuition enough to act in accordance with it, you can steer in any direction and navigate through the roughest  storm.

You also maintain a strong tie to the past, both personal and historical, and you have a powerful longing for home, family, domestic tranquility, and emotional security. Loyal, affectionate, kind, and supportive, you never give up on someone you love — and if that means clinging or being overprotective, so be it. Your ability to nurture others parallels your need to care for and comfort yourself.

At the same time, you’re intent on initiating activity. Whatever your emotions may be, you don’t let them stop you from setting far-reaching goals and resolutely going after them. Your determination is extraordinary. Despite your doubts and insecurities, you forge ahead valiantly, though not without some tears along the way. At your best, your internal awareness supports your  outer ambition, just as your knowledge of the past forms a sturdy foundation for your forays into the future. The fact that you have the best memory on the planet is yet another strength.

cancer 1A

Negative Side

Picture the crab. Vulnerable and soft within its protective armor, it approaches its target sideways and, when frightened, scuttles back into its shell. You do the same. Fretful and high-strung, afraid of addressing a problem directly, you defend yourself well — sometimes to your own detriment. At times you’re so defensive, so imprisoned by your anxieties, that movement becomes impossible. You withdraw or enter a state of total denial, where you become unreachable. At your worst, your need for security paralyzes you.

Yet there’s no avoiding your powerful emotions, which can wash over you as suddenly as a tidal wave. Those moments of sheer emotion are an indelible part of who you are, and you don’t always deal with them well. With other people, you can be stunningly possessive and demanding. Spurred by your fear of being abandoned, you cling ferociously, holding on to relationships — and jobs — way past their expiration dates.

Avoiding the quicksand of insecurity and the snake pit of depression are challenges you must confront; getting to the bottom of your deepest fears and complicated psyche is another.

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