Keywords for Venus

Positive: Grace, love, harmony, charm, magnetism, artistic, fame, sociability, understanding.

Negative: languor, hate, laziness, disharmony, repulsion, estrangement, ambiguity, imprudence. 

venus in aries

Venus in Aries

venus in taurus

Venus in Taurus

venus in gemini 1 1300 

Venus in Gemini

venus in cancer

Venus in Cancer

The traits of Venus in Cancer are understanding, the expression of true love, affection, care, and high sensitivity. A natural nester, you find your deepest pleasures in home and family. You’re kind, sympathetic, sentimental, loyal, devoted, popular, and a terrific cook. You are fiercely protective, though at times you tend to create a claustrophobic atmosphere in your relationships. You may appear to be the epitome of self-confidence. Yet you require more than a little psychological support. Your fear of rejection, however you try to disguise it, may cause you to hold on too long to both lovers and friends. You  don’t mean to cling. It’s just that when you love someone, you want it to last forever. So,you are strongly advised against doing that. You need to be in a secure relationship in order to be happy. 

venus in leo  

Venus in Leo

You are warm, outgoing, loyal, self-dramatizing, creative, and with light-hearted mood. You are in love with love. Love is an essential part of your nature, and you tend to define yourself through it. Love is a feeling expressed ardently and passionately. When you receive love and tenderness from others, you responds to them with unbridled generosity and unlimited confidence. You take great pride for the person who is your partner. Your sex life is intense and satisfying. You love the arts, luxuries, the quality and joys of life.

venus in virgo a

Venus in Virgo

The emotional integration comes through calm, reflection and analysis. You’ll do anything for your lover, including pointing out his flaws. You have a problem with sexual relationships, because after all the only thing that matters to you is your self interest. You hardly fall in love and in you are unlucky in your sexual life, in relationships and in marriage. But when you’re in love, you pay full attention, analyzing every interaction, re-reading every e-mail, and listening to your voice mail repeatedly to make sure you’ve gotten every nuance. You often confuse love with practical matters, thereby losing the essence of love. You are very timid, modest, inhibited, and conservative. You tend to avoid tensions, you oppress your feelings, and above all you avoid sex. Your nagging is unbearable for your partners. You can be critical and controlling and full of opinions about how other people ought to behave.

venus in libra small β

Venus in Libra

Your attitude towards love is romantic, tender and idealistic. You prefer your sexual relationships to be spiritual rather than physical. You are an affectionate, charming, warm, attractive, well-behaved, polite, gentle, refined, sympathetic, discreet and diplomatic person, always ready to please. You’re highly attractive to other people, and there’s usually someone who’s circling around you. You enjoy beauty, comfort and luxury. You cannot withstand any type of violence and you will do everything to avoid it. Love, for you, is not just a feeling rather than an idea. A true romantic, you idealize love and often have trouble adapting to the rough spots of a real relationship. On the downside, you exhibit grudge, laziness, self-indulgence, naiveté and indecision. When disappointment sets in, youtake it hard for a while, and then you get moving. With Venus in Libra in your horoscope you have a strong aesthetic sensibility.

venus in scorpio

Venus in Scorpio

Thanks to Scorpio’s infamous sexiness, this placement sounds like a  ticket to ecstasy. And sometimes  it  is. You get aroused in the presence of mystery, intensity, and even a subtle hint of darkness. Proud, passionate, and seductive, you’re prone to deep longing, both sexual and emotional, and your love life tends to be stormy. At your best, you’re deeply devoted and profoundly intimate. At your worst, you can be jealous, possesive and vengeful. You like getting involved into illicit relationships. The unrequited love you may have for another person cause you extreme emotional pain. You’re  capable of pulling back from social interaction and isolating yourself behind an invisible shield.

venus in sagittarius

Venus in Sagittarius

Demonstrative, ardent, direct, and excitable, you see love as an adventure — not as a way to nail down a secure future. You value your freedom, and your ideal lover is someone who helps you  see more of the world and experience more of life — not someone who constricts your activities. You express your feelings vividly, but the need for his autonomy leads to problems with your partners. It is very difficult to get married because you prefer to remain free. If you feel any pressure in a relationship, you just leave. You have noble ideals and are drawn to people who are highly committed. You’re also intrigued by  people  who  come from backgrounds entirely different from your own. You don’t mind shocking the folks. You enjoy living and loving. You can’t handle money because you believe in the “easy come, easy go” doctrine .

venus in capricorn

Venus in Capricorn

You’re sensual in your sexual liaisons, constant in your affections, and cautious about revealing your emotions, mainly because you fear rejection.The messiness of emotional free-for-alls terrifies you, so you keep your feelings under wraps. You value stability, propriety, and rectitude.  You play many power games with your relationships, using primarily sex, because you want to have the upper hand. You are famous for you extreme sexuality. You show dispassion if you have been disappointed. You show preference to people with some age. Usually you delay your marriage for a later part of your life. Serious and sophisticated, you admire anything classic. In art, as in love, you understand the need for control. 

Venus in Aquarius2

Venus in Aquarius

Open-minded, friendly, and idealistic, you’re drawn to mavericks and rebels, and you have a multitude of friends — which is exactly how you like it. You have a strong erotic magnetism. Thanks to that you receive admiration from all around. Although you seem very open, sociable and debatable, you aren’t the most passionate person on the planet, and you tend to enjoy a stimulating intellectual companionship more than a romantic one. You also need a certain amount of solitude. Ideas and causes appeal to you. Passionate displays do not. Ultimately, you’re an independent sort, and your heart is difficult to capture. It is very hard for you to be in love with only one person. You will not hesitate to break up if you face any problem in a relationship.

rsz venus in pisces

Venus in Pisces

You are an intensely emotional person, artistic, devoted, and willing to do anything for your beloved. You idealize your lovers and truly seek union with them, but you have no idea what’s reasonable and what’s not. Other people find it easy to abuse you, in part because you shrug your shoulders helplessly and gratefully accept crumbs. Eventually, that makes you angry, which is why you may become emotionally abusive, often in a passive-aggressive way. You truly know how to love, to express your affection and care. That’s not the problem. The problem is that you’re sometimes too willing to sacrifice your own needs to those of others. You tend to repeat the same mistakes, mostly emotional ones. Your tendency to live in fantasy and not facing your problems, leads into the adoption of the easiest solution, which is not always the best.

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